Senter for enhancing the quality of life of poeple suffering from sicklecell anemia & their care providers

Norwegian Sickle Cell Anemia Organization (NSCAO) is a non-profit organization and was formed and founded in November 2006.

NSCAO has been created to address the social, psychological/mental health and cultural issues that are related to sickle cell disease among immigrants living in Norway, mainly from the developing countries.

The organization also provides a platform and network in which sickle cell patients and their families, health providers/workers, social workers and other people in Norway are able to obtain information about the disease and available treatment, exchange ideas and experiences, encourage/ motivate each other on how to cope with the disease in their everyday lives.

NSCAO is working in conjunction with various health institutions in Norway.

Are you a sickle cell anemia carrier?

  • Did you know that 1 of 20 from risk groups carries a trait for sickle cell disorder?
  • A child or children of two parents who are carriers may inherit a full blown sickle cell disorder.
  • Before starting a family, blood test can reveal if you carry the trait of sickle cell disorder.